First Holy Communion & Confession

Quote from Prince of Peace Christian Formation Booklet:

“The Council of Trent defined a sacrament as “an outward sign of inward grace, instituted by Christ for our salvation.”  Jesus came to save us, and we can be saved only if we have a personal relationship with God, and God gave us the seven sacraments as helps to our salvation.  Each is a sacrament of faith: it expresses the faith of the believer even as it increases it.  The sacraments, however, are not just individual expressions of the faith; they are expressions of the faith of the whole Church.  That is why the sacraments are celebrated during the liturgy, the public prayer of the Church, and why the requirements for their reception are given to us by the Church.  Christian Formation prepares us for the sacraments (catechesis) but also helps to deepen the faith increased through the sacraments (mystagogy).  All Christian Formation is sacramental in character, as it brings us to understand better the Christ whom we encounter through the sacraments.

Parents who have been bringing their children every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation to Mass will naturally want to see their children with them at the Altar to receive Holy Communion.  Any child who has reached the age of reason may enroll in the parish’s program for preparation for First Penance and Holy Communion.  In order for the child to receive the sacraments, however, he and his family must have personally committed to the Covenant and kept its stipulations, and the child must of his own free will request to receive the sacraments.  Furthermore, the child must pass a test of basic knowledge in order to receive the sacrament.  Normally, baptized children in the second grade or above may be enrolled in the program, but any Catholic child who has not received the sacraments who can fulfill the requirements may be enrolled. ”


Quiz for First Holy Communion Preparation – Parents

  • The Diocese of Charleston requires two years of preparation for the sacrament of First Holy Communion, usually beginning in the First Grade
  • Children must have completed First Grade and be 7 years of age
  • Parents/Children must participate in all Sacramental meetings
  • First Confession must be received before First Communion
  • Children must attend a First Holy Communion Retreat
  • Children will receive Sacraments with the School, Religious Education and homeschooled children


Please contact Maria Barontini if you have any questions concerning the reception of these sacraments.  We are here to support you and your child in the sacramental life.  How can we help?